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Setting the record straight

One of the more annoying things I've had to deal with since being elected to lead Outright Libertarians has been the persistent effort by left-wing folks to smear Outright as some sort of self-loathing anti-gay-rights organization. When it's in the form of a blog article or an op-ed, it's easy enough to counter as just one person's opinion. But when it's in the form of an "encyclopedia" article, the lies are given more weight. And Wikipedia is full of lies about Outright and LGBT libertarians in general:

"Outright Libertarians has at times been incorrectly characterized as an organization dedicated either to promoting the LGBT rights movement or working against it." (Link)

As I've said before, the "LGBT rights movement" has abandoned the equal rights issues of marriage, adoption, military service, and spousal immigration, in favor of special rights like employment regulation and additional hate crime penalties. Outright instead concentrates on equal rights. So that may technically mean that we don't support "the LGBT rights movement," but we most certainly support "LGBT rights." I suppose this technicality is why any updates we make are immediately reverted.

"Some libertarians (such as Ron Paul) oppose legalization of same-sex marital contracts" (Link)

Check out Wikipedia's pages about Stonewall Democrats or the Democratic Party in general, and see if they pick out one socially conservative Democrat from Texas and hold them up as the party's standard-bearer. They don't. Instead, they trumpet the fact that the Democratic Party platform in 2004 opposed the Federal Marriage Amendment. Never mind that the Libertarian Party Platform opposes not only a federal amendment, but also state amendments. Wikipedia has a clear pro-Democrat bias across the board.

And here's the kicker from the "LGBT Rights Opposition" article:

"and other libertarian organizations, such as the Outright Libertarians, likewise oppose all gay rights that require government action." (Link)

Outright's biggest issue, by far, has been marriage equality -- i.e., that the government must stop discriminating and start marrying same-sex couples the same way it marries opposite-sex couples. Sounds like government action to me.

And we're on the "LGBT Rights Opposition" page? WTF?!?

Anyway, after I, with the help of several other Outright members, tried to fix these obvious errors, and found our edits immediately reverted by the partisan Democrats who seem to run things, I gave up on Wikipedia. But there's a new alternative launching this week, and I believe by valuing fact over consensus, Citizendium will be a much more useful online resource -- and hopefully one more reflective of the truth about the thirty-five years of Libertarian support for LGBT equal rights.