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OutrightUSA RT @Mikester: @Antiwar2 People still don't get that years of persistent trauma add up to a lifetime of mind-fuck. When one suffers, we all …
OutrightUSA Using solitary to "protect" queers in prison is TORTURE: @Antiwar2 @dissentingleft @ilovegrover #AbolitionNOW
OutrightUSA If @ATT is looking for a pro-LGBT and pro-business candidate, may I suggest the Libertarian Party? @LPNational
OutrightUSA @GayReportNews So much for the claims of "religious freedom". :-/ #LiberationNOW

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Prometheus Unchained: The BEST in Libertarian LGBT Talk Radio

Episode – 2011 Dec 4th

on at 14:24
Posted In: Episodes

[Download Episode 2011/2/04]


Hosts Neal and Dale :: Is “cis-gendered” a slur? :: Dan Savage glitter-bombed again :: Exodus International on the ropes :: Abortion and when rights begin :: Gary Johnson supports gay marriage :: More gay couples meeting online :: Shire Dance-Off Keene vs. Manchester